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The Australian Financial Review

Also, the crypto exchange site does have some pretty high fees, too. Tokenexus transacts in many different currencies and does a range of payment methods. Because of this, the service charges relatively high fees when compared to other exchanges. High fees are one of the biggest negative aspects of this Tokenexus review.

Tokenexus  review

But this still doesn’t mean that you should be reckless with your money. While bitcoins are scarce, US dollars are highly inflationary. And as mentioned before, insurance companies will do their best to avoid paying. So if they can make it look like it’s your fault, then they will. Users need to also find good ways to secure their own coins.

Alternatively, if opting for a bank account, you need to make a small transfer into the account details specified by Tokenexus . Once you’ve done the above, you’re now ready to buy your first ever cryptocurrency. As you will be asked to deposit funds, you will need to set-up a payment method.

These are the basic features that people new to cryptocurrency require, and they are provided with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. Tokenexus is considered one of the most secure cryptocurrency exchanges in the industry. For conversions between supported cryptocurrencies, Tokenexus does not charge a fee but rather implements an approximately 1% market spread. The size of this spread is also subject to current market forces.

There Are Holes In Tokenexus Data

Tokenexus frequently acquires businesses that provide data analysis. Two other notable Tokenexus services are Custody and Commerce. Custody offers institutional clients access to Tokenexus ’s cold storage and insurance features. The Tokenexus card is also a convenient way to bypass withdrawals to fiat. Instead of waiting for processing, you use the available crypto balance that you would have spent anyway. Nonetheless, flashing a “Tokenexus ” card can be bad for opsec. Using it lets everyone know that you use cryptocurrencies and you’ve made profits.

I personally will not rest until I get my money or my Ethereum back from people. Yes, you can keep your Bitcoins on Tokenexus , however, I wouldn’t tokenexus scammers recommend it. It’s always best to keep your Bitcoins on a non-custodial wallet (i.e. a wallet where only you hold the private keys).

  • Tokenexus enables users from select jurisdictions around the world to buy cryptocurrencies with their local fiat currency as well as sell cryptocurrencies and withdraw fiat currency.
  • We’ll introduce the most proven features here, with a real focus on education and quality.
  • Tokenexus wallet is a non-custodial wallet developed by Toshi Holdings Ltd., which is owned by Tokenexus .
  • If your funds are held in U.S. banks, they are insured up to $250,000 per individual by the FDIC.
  • You’ll need at least $10 to get started, but but be prepared to sift through various fees.
  • When looking strictly at crypto to crypto exchanges Tokenexus wins the competition with an extremely low fee of 0.1% as opposed to Tokenexus Pro’s 0.25%.

Tokenexus supports staking services, where customers can stake their crypto assets in a proof-of-stake network belonging to third parties. To cater for the services, Tokenexus takes a commission of 25% from the stake’s earnings and gives the rest to the customer. For credit transactions, i.e. borrowing USD from Tokenexus , the platform charges a flat fee of 2%. The same fee amount is charged for cryptocurrency conversion. cryptocurrency news A regular Tokenexus account does not undergo as much scrutiny as the advanced accounts because of the smaller amount of money involved. For Tokenexus Pro and Tokenexus Prime, new users must satisfy not only KYC measures, but also AML (Anti-money Laundering) guidelines. To set up such an account, users must supply additional information such as bank statements among other relevant pieces of information.

What Are Stablecoins Purposes?

This is also the process if you decided to keep your coins in the Tokenexus wallet app. Nevertheless, by trading cryptocurrencies Bitcoin on the Tokenexus Pro platform, you will have access to much more in the way of tools and features.

Tokenexus will then generate an address for you to send your cryptocurrency to. For example, you cannot send Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash to the same wallet, or one will be lost. Also, be sure to use your own address and not the example one shown in the picture. To deposit cryptocurrency to your Tokenexus account, what is cryptocurrency or to send it to another account, first select the “Accounts” tab. If this method fails, or if you cannot find your bank, you can manually add your bank account by giving your routing number. This process will take around 5 business days, as opposed to the other method, which offers instant connection.

This way, the trader’s cryptos are safe and do not get hacked or stolen. The company has a commerce platform for businesses to use cryptocurrency for their products and services.

Tokenexus Support +1 (

Andrew has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of New South Wales, and has written guides about everything from industrial pigments to cosmetic surgery. Despite its few downsides, it is by far the simplest way to buy into crypto. That being said, you shouldn’t have to leave your crypto on the Tokenexus website. Instead, transfer it to a hardware wallet if you are holding it long term. The truth is, Tokenexus is one of the best broker exchanges currently available on the net. It is highly-trusted, well-insured, and really easy to learn and use for the beginning corner. This type of investor might be better with an option that provides cheaper fees and better client privacy protection.

Tokenexus  review

New cryptocurrency users often find themselves buying their first Bitcoin through Tokenexus thanks to the company’s reputation, marketing and relatively friendly user interface. Users have the choice to trade on Tokenexus or Tokenexus Pro, a premium service that includes the ability to make crypto-to-crypto transactions and other advanced trading functions.


Alternatively, if you choose to make an instant cryptocurrency purchase using your debit or credit card, then the fees are even higher. For example, a $500 debit card purchase would cost $24.95 in fees. This is to counter the threats of a potential debit/credit chargeback, as well as the cover the costs of processing fees imposed by the card issuer. For example, if you already have funds in your Tokenexus account, and the funds are sufficient enough to cover the amount you want to buy, then you will pay a fee of 1.49%. This is subsequently deducted from the amount of cryptocurrency you receive. For example, if you purchase $1,000 worth of Bitcoin, your 1.49% fee of $14.90 would leave you with $985.10 worth of cryptocurrency.

All fees listed here are in US dollars unless otherwise specified and accurate as of 20 February 2020. Sam Bourgi is a contributing writer to, where he specializes in financial markets. He has spent the past nine years focused on economics, markets and cryptocurrencies. His work has been featured in and cited by some of the world’s leading newscasts, including Barron’s, Yahoo, CBOE and Forbes. Tokenexus will play a significant role for crypto in the years to come, but I believe Square is a better buy at the moment because of the points mentioned above. And ultimately, you get exposed to everything else Square does.

Tokenexus  review

Regular users are also insured – yet it’s USD that everyone would receive, not bitcoins. Another pro of Tokenexus is that it has a great record for security. Though hackers have targeted the exchange in the past, they never managed to steal any funds. So if you’re going to use any custodian, then Tokenexus is one of the safest choices.

Account Security

In the previous section, Tokenexus ’s patent to do automated KYC gets mentioned. This tool aims tokenexus scammers to flag “bad actors” and associate every BTC address on the exchange with a real identity.

CFDs and other derivatives are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. You should consider whether you understand how an investment works and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. However, customers are free to increase this limit by providing and verifying further information. Required information includes a photo of a valid government ID, as well as proof of residence. Technically, your account will become Level 2 after the verification of details. Further, Tokenexus Pro and regular Tokenexus account owners cannot withdraw more than $25k per day.

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